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Coaching Credentials

The IASF/USASF exam system consists of THREE components.


a. Written exams


b. Hands-on components


c. Experience components (NEW)


i. Coaches must have specified hours of coaching experience in each category they are credentialing in. The hours required depend on the level a coach is wishing to qualify within (see below).


ii. To sit exams in level 1 and 2: AASCF highly recommends that coaches have at least a base knowledge of vocabulary and basic skill understanding prior to attending a credentialing session! Preliminary clinics can be arranged to prepare you if required. 


iii. To sit exams in levels 3 and 4: Coaches must have at least 100 hours coaching experience at levels 1 and/or 2 of the area in which they wish to qualify (tumbling, stunts, and/or tosses.)


iv. To sit exams in level 5: Coaches must have experience listed above PLUS at least 150 hours coaching experience in levels 3 and/or 4 of the area in which they wish to qualify. This means a TOTAL of 250 hours of coaching experience with AT LEAST 150 hours dedicated to coaching levels 3/4.


v. Programme directors/head coaches must sign Experience Validation Forms (EVFs) for each core area and for all coaches within their coaching staff (or for 3 themselves if applicable) and provide written documentation on how the experience was accomplished. Please note that AASCF has the right (and ethical obligation) to make further inquiry about coach experience hours and levels to confirm eligibility for exams if deemed necessary.


Testing levels and areas now offered are:


a. Tumbling levels 1-5.


b. Stunts levels 1-5.


c. Tosses levels 2-5. (Level 1 tosses exam does not exist because tosses of any kind are not allowed at that level)


The Hands-On portion of credentialing is proving you understand how to teach certain skills within each level. No, you will neither have to perform these skills nor will you be working with athletes during the testing. However, you will have to explain to an instructor how to perform each skill just as if you were coaching a team. The instructor will have a list of key points that you must cover in order to pass that skill and or level. You do not have to cover the key points word for word as listed on the instructor’s paper. The instructors job is to validate that you cover in your own words the key points of each skill in order to teach proper technique and ensure that you know what you are talking about in order to keep the athletes safe. 




How do I register?

To hold your place in any exam sitting, you must submit your Registration Form and payment in full. Upon receipt of your complete registration, you will receive confirmation of your reserved space via the e-mail address you provide for us on your registration. For more detailed information please download the IASF/USASF Coach Credentialling Information & Registration Pack from our FORMS section


Why does the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation administer IASF/USASF Credentialing in Australia?

AASCF is a designated Australian provider of the USASF Coach Credentialing program. While we believe there is no substitute for experience, we also believe that Coach Credentialing is a vital tool to educating our industry leaders and keeping our athletes as safe as possible. It protects the safety, integrity, and public perception of the cheer community. The AASCF presentation of USASF Credentials involves expert training through classroom instruction, interactive time with other coaches, hands-on training and hands-on exams coupled with written exams. Obtaining your USASF Coaches Credentials will allow you to gain vital understanding of the cheer community, the rules and procedures, progressions, safety issues, various training methods, and skill-specific techniques. It will also connect coaches in a vital support system with other coaches


How does it work?

On the credentialing day, you will receive various methods of classroom instruction and interactive training on how to “coach” the skills for each level. Written exams and hands-on exams for each level/core area allow coaches to demonstrate the ability to properly teach specific skills in a safe and effective manner. The written exams and hands-on score sheets will be mailed by us to the USASF in America for scoring. You will receive your results and award certificate via post once the exams have been scored.


What is covered at each level?

Written exams are open-book and hands-on exams require that you can demonstrate the ability to successfully teach the skills. You do NOT have to perform them. (Note that you do not have to credential to the same level in all areas. For example, it is possible to credential to level 1 in stunts and tosses and to level 2 in tumbling.)


Do I have to renew my credentials? If so, how often?

At this time, credentialing exams are valid for 3 years. Because training and technique changes so rapidly, coaches will need to undergo refresher courses when the 3 years expires.


What is the minimum age for Coach Credentials?

The minimum age for coach credentialing is:

Level 1 -- sixteen (16) on the day of the exam

Level 2 -- seventeen (17) on the day of the exam

Level 3 -- eighteen (18) on the day of the exam.


Introductory / Assistant Coach course -- from 14 years & 9 months.