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Over the last few weeks, we have had many coaches and parents ask why AASCF conducted the State Championship -Virtual Edition - competitions for FREE. As such I thought a public explanation would help.

Since the onset of the pandemic AASCF fought hard to hold on to live competitions. Unfortunately for both NSW & QLD States, the opportunity was taken away from us all with only just over a couple of weeks’ notice before the actual competition dates.

This situation made it very tricky to flip both competitions into a virtual comp with no time; adding the complexity of new entries with a new payment format, coupled with the absolute devastation of the situation by all involved, so we decided to keep it simple and assist our stressed community by offering a FREE entry virtual competition. This removed so many layers of potential complexity for not only AASCF but all of the coaches and club owners.

We were graced with a couple more weeks’ notice with the cancellation of both NSW & QLD Spring Carnivals live events, as such we were able to offer a $5.00 entry fee per athlete, per team, for these virtual competitions, again in the hope to make it simple and affordable for all of the clubs.

AASCF LIVE Virtual Nationals on the 27, 28, 29 November, entry fee is a base of $30 per athlete. This competition is a truly REAL TIME HEAD TO HEAD LIVE Virtual Championship, where all teams, MC, judges etc. are all competing in real time – no pre-recorded routines, but a true competition where your Cheer Gym and Dance Studio become a TV Studio, and the AASCF offices become the main HUB for the weekend, we will all be together real time virtually all weekend.

AASCF Pre-recorded Nationals on the 4,5,6 December entry fees are also $30 per athlete, per routine, as also requires a massive amount of work for the 3 weeks prior to the competition: collect pre-recorded routines, judge, tally, then film and edit ready to stream all of the pre-recorded footage LIVE with MC, all the way to Awards on the 4,5,6 December. It’s a mammoth task and not as desirable as the LIVE Nationals, but we wanted to cater for all programs and this was the perfect solution.

We are doing our best to keep our sport afloat and is imperative that the clubs/competitors receive as much support as possible and making it very affordable is a major part of our ongoing commitment.

We have been in constant contact with all gym/studio owners/coaches regarding these competition initiatives, who will be able to assist with any inquiries as to their respective programs participation.

Rosemary James