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All Star Dance Teams are groups of athletes from different clubs who come together in competition to achieve greatness!


All Star dance is a competition sport that involves females and/or males performing a 2 minute and 30 second routine in the styles of jazz, hip-hop, pom and lyrical/contemporary. These routines incorporate dance technique, synchronization and uniformity, staging and visuals, communication and crowd appeal. The routines are performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional, national, and worldwide competitions.


All Star dance athletes are not only trained to get their bodies to peak physical fitness and to execute impeccable dance technique, but also learn the important “life lesson’s” of respect, dedication, self-confidence, sportsmanship, commitment and most importantly teamwork.


All Star dance teams typically consist of 4 or more dancers and range from mini to open age. Most of these well-rounded athletes are capable of performing all styles of dance within the competitive sport.


At competitions, the teams are divided by age and ability. The routines are judged based on execution of proper form, alignment, strength, control and technique, synchronization and uniformity, seamless and clean/clear spacing and transitions, creative and appropriate choreography, difficulty, communication and crowd appeal. Each judging panel is comprised of industry trained and experienced professionals who are not only from the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation but also many of the judges sit on World Dance Panels.


Competitions are the focus point where all the teams’ hard work is put to the test.




P- Pom Motions Routine - 2.15 minutes – must use poms

Minimum of 4 persons

Pom poms must be used for 80% of the routine. Important characteristics of a pom routine include synchronisation and visual effect, clean and precise motions, strong pom technique, and incorporate dance technical elements. Visual effect includes level changes, group work, formation changes, the use of different color poms, etc. Male dancers may or may not use poms.  


J- Jazz Ballet Routine - 2.15 minutes

Minimum of 4 persons

Execution, style, control, transitions and creativity performed to high energy music. Routines must be age appropriate. A jazz routine incorporates stylised dance movements and combinations, formation changes, group work, leaps and turns. Emphasis is placed on proper technical execution, extension, control, body placement and team uniformity.


HH- Hip Hop Routine - 2.15 minutes

Minimum of 4 persons

Executions of contemporary style, hip-hop feel uniformity, high energy and creativity. The music must be typical to its style. Routines emphasise the street style movements with an emphasis on execution, style, creativity, body isolations and control, rhythm, uniformity and musical interpretation. Teams may also put an additional focus on athletic incorporations such as jumps, jump variations, combo jumps and other tricks.


CONT- Lyrical/Contemporary 2.15 minutes

Minimum of 4 persons

A contemporary or lyrical routine uses organic, pedestrian and/or traditional modern or ballet vocabulary as it complements the lyric and/or rhythmic value of the music. Emphasis is placed on control, sustained, expressive movement, body placement, and contraction/release, use of breath, uniformity, communication and technical skills. 


DD- Doubles Dance (Duo) - 1.30 minutes

Minimum & maximum of 2 persons

In keeping with the IASF Dance Rules, doubles dance can be Jazz, Hip Hop or Pom performed and can be executed with dance lifts or connected lines within routine, mirror image and tight team work. Comparable to “So You Think You Can Dance” duo routines.