All-Star, competitive Cheerleading is what most people recognize as "Bring it On /ESPN cheerleading".  It is a fast paced, dynamic sport that encompasses stunt, tumbling, tosses and dance & requires dedication and a strong work ethic from the male and female athletes that participate. It is as physically demanding as any other mainstream sport and is one of the fastest growing team based athletic sports in the USA.

Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation, (AASCF) is an organisation for All Star cheerleading coaches & athletes around the country dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Cheerleading as a respected athletic discipline and sport.

AASCF provides coach and athlete education, camps/clinics and Australia’s largest National competition series.



AASCF: Helping the sport and our athletes grow!

Our  aim is to encourage mutual co-operation and communication between squads & to provide a central resource of cheerleading information and assistance

We are proud to be affiliated & an Australian representative of the  International All Star Federation (IASF) and the United States All Star Federation (USASF), the international governing authority in standardized safety, divisional structures, and coach/athlete education of All Star Cheerleading.

AASCF is a designated Australian provider of the IASF Coach Credentialing. While we believe there is no substitute for experience, we also believe that Coach Credentialing is a vital tool to educating our industry leaders and keeping our athletes as safe as possible. It protects the safety, integrity, and public perception of the cheer community.

The AASCF presentation of IASF/USASF Credentials involves expert training through classroom instruction, interactive time with other coaches, hands-on training and hands-on exams coupled with written exams. Obtaining your IASF/ USASF Coaches Credentials will allow you to gain vital understanding of the cheer community, the rules and procedures, progressions, safety issues, various training methods, and skill-specific techniques. 

In addition to providing IASF/USASF coach & student credentialing around we also conduct camps, clinics and National competitions in every State

It’s all part of the AASCF commitment to help the sport and the athletes grow!

  • AASCF can also assist you in many other cheer and dance areas.
  • AASCF can organize workshops for coaches. These workshops will involve  networking as well as practical squad building information
  • Cheerleaders can invite AASCF staff to their schools to give input on weekly practice structure and advise on competition routines & rules
  • AASCF will help cheerleaders find sources for uniforms, warm-ups, poms, shoes, equipment etc.
  • AASCF can assist you with your choreography, routines and music
  • AASCF can help you set up a new program/gym 
  • AASCF can provide you with international contacts, insurance & ongoing support

We are dedicated to raising All Star Cheerleading & Dance to becoming a respected and recognised sport, safe and open to all.

AASCF events are safe, fair, and fun. Everyone is welcome.


Get your Cheer or Dance club involved with AASCF!





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AASCF is a proud UNICEF Champion for Children SILVER Corporate Sponsor.

AASCF has been a proud SILVER sponsor of the UNICEF CHAMPION FOR CHILDREN fund for since 2011 and are proud to continue with assisting UNICEF in their mission in 2015 making contributions in excess of $15,000.00.

Our AASCF Family should take pride that through their involvement with All Star Cheer & Dance they are contributing to assisting the more needy children around the World