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The Australasian Pinnacle is on the Monday straight after Nationals – where only the CHOSEN FEW cheer & dance teams can compete for the Pinnacle Ring. At this BID only event (NO TEAM ENTRY FEE) teams will be competing against the best of the best in their division from across Australasia at the prestigious AUSTRALASIAN PINNACLE CHEER & DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Bids will be awarded at most of AASCF Championships – Winterfest, Battle, State Series and Spring Carnival, to the winning Overall Highest Scoring Team in each level of Cheer & division of Dance. Bid winning teams will then receive FREE entry to The AUSTRALASIAN PINNACLE.

From Championship to Championship, if similar teams win the bids – do not worry, the Bids get passed down to the next in line; you can keep working hard and keep trying for a bid in your cheer level and dance style right until the last Championship.

PINNACLE BID WINNERS - (the standard of Cheer has dramatically risen as such we need to change the enter score for pinnacle)

  • ALL DANCE – 80 points is needed to receive a bid, and we will give Pinnacle bids to the top 3 teams that reach this score. This allows dance teams more opportunity to strive for reaching 80 points as the season progresses.
  • CHEER LEVEL 1 – 85 points needed from final score (no baskets)
  • CHEER LEVEL 2 to 7 - 95 points needed from final score.
  • “Final Score” means after deductions, nevertheless the teams raw score (before deductions) may be considered in the instance of no final score reaching the enter score, but only if the reason for deduction is easily fixable.


  • Pinnacle is for youth age and above CHEER & DANCE teams.
  • Categories that will NOT be at Pinnacle are: Tiny, Mini, Primary and High School, Novice, Special Ability, University and Adult.
  • All Cheer levels and age groups will be competing in their own level and age group – small gym/large cheer gyms and small/large teams may not be divided.
  • All Dance styles and age groups will be competing in the same style and age group – petite/small and large Dance teams may not be divided.
  • Beautiful Crystal Glass Trophies and Placing Banners to Top 3 winning Pinnacle teams.
  • Pinnacle Rings are only available for purchase to the section winners (1st Place) – There will be a sizing kit and order form at Pinnacle for the rings in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large only.
  • AASCF has the right to invite wild cards for sections low on numbers, or for teams that were outstanding during the season.
  • If sections are small, i.e., Senior level 4.2 AG & COED may be combined.
  • Pinnacle acceptance letters must be returned 2 weeks after receiving your bid or administrators will assume you are declining the bid. Exception: SPRING CARNIVAL where we need the acceptance letters immediately.
  • The quantity of Pinnacle Bids given at Spring Carnival will be determined by the amount that are remaining.
  • Pinnacle bid winning teams can add a maximum of 20% of new athletes to large teams, 30% new athletes to small teams.
  • Pinnacle Bid winning teams are expected to use most of the original athletes that the bid was won with.
  • There are NO Pinnacle Bids offered at AASCF Nationals as it is too close to the event.
  • Bid Winning Teams must compete in the same age, level, style, COED/AG, and division size in which they received their bids.